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Discussing ChatGPT’s learning tips for Chinese learners – from complete beginners to advanced

Since ChatGPT knows everything, I asked the AI-tool for his best learning advice for Chinese learners. Not just random learning advice, but broken down into learning tips for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. The results can be taken seriously. Find out which learning advice ChatGPT has in store for your current language goals.

Knowing your learning style to master Chinese

You’re starting to learn Chinese? While smart learners think about their learning plan, very few ever consider their preferred learning style. Why not discover yours in the next 5 minutes?

10 extremely helpful YouTube channels for learning Mandarin

You want to improve your Mandarin skills? For some of the greatest online resources for Chinese you don’t have to look far: they can be found on YouTube. But where to start? This is my updated top 10 of YouTube channels for learning Chinese.

Why do so few non-native learners manage to truly master Chinese tones?

From all the people learning Chinese and reaching a relatively high level of proficiency only a few ever seem to truly master the Chinese tones. By that I mean they speak fully fluent and sound so “native” that it would fool native Chinese speakers. Why is that? Are Chinese tones just too damn hard or is it laziness on our part?

My 2024 overview of resources for Mandarin Chinese (I)

Learning Mandarin and looking for a comprehensive overview of must-have resources? This is part one.

5 things to remove from your life to learn mandarin more effectively

5 simple things to remove from our lives to focus on Mandarin

As if learning Mandarin isn’t difficult enough, many distractions creep into our lives and keep us from advancing towards our goals. Here are five things to downscale in order to become a more effective learner.

What are the pros and cons of learning Chinese?

Are you considering to learn Chinese? What speaks in favor, what speaks against learning one of the most difficult languages in the world? This is what the Mandarin learning community has to say about it.

10 Chinese audiobooks for advanced Mandarin learners

Where do you find Chinese audiobooks that are interesting, high quality and not hidden behind a paywall?

5 things we tell ourselves that keep us from studying Chinese

A wise man once said that it’s good fun for humans to buy a hammer and knock down the walls of your comfort zone.

11 things I wish I knew before starting to learn Mandarin

Learning Mandarin can be a loooong-term endeavor. Looking back on at least 8 years of learning Mandarin, there are a lot of things I wish I could have worked out earlier.

“How to learn any language in six months”

Can you learn to fly a Boeing 747 in six months? Some say you can! How about languages though?

Slow listening: boost your vocabulary with Mandarin Corner

You’re at intermediate level and want to improve your listening skills?

Chineasy vs Uncle Hanzi: two radical approaches to Chinese characters

What helps you to memorize Chinese characters?

Learning Chinese becoming less popular?

Is it just me? Or is studying Mandarin just not as popular as it was before?

5 apps that help you to understand and write Chinese characters

Learning Chinese characters with high-quality apps that actually help? They are rare, but do exist.

Learning Chinese characters: 7 bad practices you should avoid

Learning to write Chinese characters: my personal list of disastrous advice and practices that are a complete waste of time and oxygen.

How long does it take to get HSK 6?

Five test candidates and the time they needed to prepare for HSK 6.

Getting fluent in Mandarin: Underestimating the four tones

Why the mā-má-mǎ-mà-way people typically think of the four tones is wrong.

Understanding China and Mandarin with 7 Chinese film classics

These mostly older Mainland Chinese movies I’ve come to like and recommend to anyone interested in China.

CHINESE ANALYSIS: popular China vloggers put to the test

How perfect are the much admired Mandarin skills of laowai YouTubers? Here’s somebody who knows the answer.

Lingosteve’s wisdom on learning Mandarin

Steve Kaufmann is one of the world’s most experienced language learners and a well-known polyglot. What is his best advise on learning Mandarin?

Learning Mandarin the low-budget way

What can you do if you want to learn Mandarin but don’t want to spend loads of money to attend Chinese courses or visit China for an extensive period? Learn Chinese low budget style. Here’s how!

Vocabulary trainer app: Daily Chinese

It’s no secret that there’s a whole monkey jungle of apps for Chinese out there. Is this new vocabulary tool Daily Chinese any good? My answer: Yes, it is. Check out why!

Can you learn Chinese from a textbook?

Can you become fluent by studying the whole textbook series of Integrated Chinese from beginner to advanced level? And what about learning WITHOUT a textbook?

Learning Chinese? 11 BLOGS you should know about

Chinese learning blogs are like hidden provision camps in the desert. If they are not pointed out, you are likely to miss them.

花儿乐队 – 果汁分你一半 (2006)

The flowers – I share half a cup of my juice with you (2006) 我要那个那个那个那个那个那个那个那个那个啊你要那个那个那个那个那个那个那个那个那个啊 月亮弯弯 绵绵绵绵缠缠果汁分你一半…

Corona virus: 口罩都卖完了!

In this post, I surf on the wave of fear and add to the panic with virus-related key vocabulary and firsthand footage from Corona-survivors.

王菲 – 紅豆 (1998)

Faye Wong – 紅豆 (1998) 还没好好的感受 雪花绽放的气候 我们一起颤抖 会更明白 甚么是温柔 还没跟你牵着手 走过荒芜的沙丘 可能从此以后 学会珍惜 天长和地久 有时候 有时候我会相信一切有尽头相聚离开 都有时候没有甚么会永垂不朽可是我 有时候宁愿选择留恋不放手等到风景都看透也许你会陪我 看细水长流 还没为你把红豆 熬成缠绵的伤口 然后一起分享 会更明白 相思的哀愁 还没好好的感受 醒著亲吻的温柔 可能在我左右 你才追求 孤独的自由 有时候 有时候我会相信一切有尽头相聚离开 都有时候没有甚么会永垂不朽可是我 有时候宁愿选择留恋不放手等到风景都看透也许你会陪我 看细水长流 有时候 有时候我会相信一切有尽头相聚离开 都有时候没有甚么会永垂不朽可是我 有时候宁愿选择留恋不放手等到风景都看透也许你会陪我 看细水长流

任賢齊 – 心太軟 (1996)

Richie Jen – Too softhearted (1996) 你总是心太软 心太软独自一个人流泪到天亮你无怨无悔的爱着那个人我知道你根本没那么坚强 你总是心太软 心太软把所有问题都自己扛相爱总是简单 相处太难不是你的 就别再勉强 夜深了你还不想睡你还在想着他吗你这样痴情到底累不累明知他不会回来安慰 只不过想好好爱一个人可惜他无法给你满分多余的牺牲 他不懂心疼你应该不会只想做个好人 喔 算了吧就这样忘了吧…

屠洪刚 – 中国功夫 (1997)

Tu Honggang – Chinese Kongfu (1997) 卧似一张弓站似一棵松不动不摇坐如钟走路一阵风 南拳和北腿少林武当功太极八卦连环掌中华有神功 卧似一张弓站似一棵松不动不摇坐如钟走路一阵风 南拳和北腿中国功夫少林武当功 太极八卦连环掌 中华有神功 棍扫一大片枪挑一条线身轻好似云中燕我们豪气冲云天 外练筋骨皮内练一口气刚柔并济不低头我们心中有天地 卧似一张弓站似一棵松不动不摇坐如钟走路一阵风 南拳和北腿少林武当功太极八卦连环掌中华有神功 清风剑在手双刀就看走行家功夫一出手他就知道有没有…

李娜 – 青藏高原 (1994)

Li Na – Tibetan Plateau (1994) 是谁带来远古的呼唤是谁留下千年的祈盼难道说还有无言的歌还是那久久不能忘怀的眷恋 我看见一座座山一座座山川一座座山川相连呀啦索那可是青藏高原? 是谁日夜遥望着蓝天是谁渴望永久的梦幻难道说还有赞美的歌还是那仿佛不能改变的庄严 一座座山川相连呀啦索那就是青藏高原呀啦索那就是青藏高原

All essential (and less essential) questions about the HSK exam in 2024

You’re about to register for a HSK exam or thinking about it? Here’s all the essential information about the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi in one short FAQ article.