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5 things we tell ourselves that keep us from studying Chinese

A wise man once said that it’s good fun for humans to buy a hammer and knock down the walls of your comfort zone.

“How to learn any language in six months”

Can you learn to fly a Boeing 747 in six months? Some say you can! How about languages though?

Learning Chinese? 11 BLOGS you should know about

Chinese learning blogs are like hidden provision camps in the desert. If they are not pointed out, you are likely to miss them.

Studying Mandarin: politics and motivation

Is China’s restored self-confidence and CCP led nationalism demotivating people to learn Chinese?

DuShu: a powerful reading tool for Mandarin Chinese

Bored of reading the same Chinese textbooks, but Chinese newspapers and other texts are still too difficult? DuShu is a reader app that will take any Chinese text, break it down and make it readable.

Why I don’t believe in Chinese character tests

I found out that I know between 1600 and 3434 Chinese characters. But it could be more, of course. Or less…

Three character traits you need to improve your Chinese skills

“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.” Why you need character on your journey.