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10 extremely helpful YouTube channels for learning Mandarin

You want to improve your Mandarin skills? For some of the greatest online resources for Chinese you don’t have to look far: they can be found on YouTube. But where to start? This is my updated top 10 of YouTube channels for learning Chinese.

Film tip: 书记 – The Transition Period (2010)

A Chinese county level official in his prime. The Mainland Chinese documentary “书记” introduces Guo Yongchang, secretary of the Gushi County Party Committee, who “rules” over 1.6 million people in Southern Henan. The film covers the three months before secretary Guo leaves his post and ends up in prison.

You don’t have to go to China to learn Chinese!

The bad news: China won’t stop its zero-Covid policy anytime soon (or will it?). The good news: you don’t have to go to China to learn Chinese.

Reading the Chinese news: less hard than you think!

How difficult is it to read the Chinese news? From which level can you start and which tools and apps are recommended? Which Chinese news media are interesting to read?

7 ways to upgrade your Chinese reading skills in China

Reading skills are vital, not only for high-level proficiency of the Chinese language, but also for daily survival: from opening a bank account to ordering plane tickets. Reading is key. Here are seven ways to boost your Chinese reading ability while staying in China.

What are the pros and cons of learning Chinese?

Are you considering to learn Chinese? What speaks in favor, what speaks against learning one of the most difficult languages in the world? This is what the Mandarin learning community has to say about it.

“Should you still learn Chinese?”

Should you still learn Chinese? My own answer hasn’t really changed, how about yours?

Learning Chinese becoming less popular?

Is it just me? Or is studying Mandarin just not as popular as it was before?

5 apps that help you to understand and write Chinese characters

Learning Chinese characters with high-quality apps that actually help? They are rare, but do exist.

Learning Chinese characters: 7 bad practices you should avoid

Learning to write Chinese characters: my personal list of disastrous advice and practices that are a complete waste of time and oxygen.

How long does it take to get HSK 6?

Five test candidates and the time they needed to prepare for HSK 6.

崔健 – 一无所有 (1986)

Today the father of Chinese rock, Cui Jian, turns 59! His song Nothing to my name is…

Understanding China and Mandarin with 7 Chinese film classics

These mostly older Mainland Chinese movies I’ve come to like and recommend to anyone interested in China.

Why you shouldn’t use Douyin (“the Chinese TikTok”) to improve your Mandarin

Can you use the Chinese version of TikTok as a tool for learning Mandarin? You cannot. Here’s why.

How much Mandarin can you listen to in one month?

For one month I digitally teamed up with like-minded spirits for a Mandarin learning challenge. This is what I learned.

How hard is HSK 6?

How painstakingly difficult is the HSK 6 exam? And what do native speakers say about it?

人生第一次 – The Firsts in Life

“人生第一次” or “The Firsts in Life” is a very popular documentary series in China. Here’s why I think it’s a good resource for learning Mandarin – even though it has one problem.

Chinese dreams (2019): must-watch China doc

Many western China doc’s are deeply rooted in prejudice and choose the moral high ground. Hardly surprising: they don’t bring any new insights. There are exceptions though…

China podcasts

19 China podcasts to better understand 中国

Tired of listening to endless corona-updates and Covid-discussions? Here’s some China-focused listening material for you sorted by topic.

Learning Mandarin the low-budget way

What can you do if you want to learn Mandarin but don’t want to spend loads of money to attend Chinese courses or visit China for an extensive period? Learn Chinese low budget style. Here’s how!

Ideology in Chinese textbooks

Chinese learning materials have improved a lot over the last 50 years, however more often than not…

趙傳 – 我是一只小小鸟 (1990)

I’m a little bird (1990) 有时候我觉得自己像一只小小鸟想要飞却怎么样也飞不高也许有一天我栖上了枝头却成为猎人的目标我飞上了青天才发现自己从此无依无靠 每次到了夜深人静的时候 我总是睡不着我怀疑是不是只有我的明天没有变得更好未来会怎样究竟有谁会知道幸福是否只是一种传说我永远都找不到 我是一只小小小小鸟想要飞呀飞却飞也飞不高我寻寻觅觅寻寻觅觅一个温暖的怀抱这样的要求算不算太高我是一只小小小小鸟想要飞呀飞却飞也飞不高我寻寻觅觅寻寻觅觅一个温暖的怀抱这样的要求算不算太高 所有知道我的名字的人呐你们好不好世界时如此的小我们注定无处可逃当我尝尽人情冷暖当你决定为了你的理想燃烧生活的压力与生命的尊严哪一个重要 我是一只小小小小鸟想要飞呀飞却飞也飞不高我寻寻觅觅寻寻觅觅一个温暖的怀抱这样的要求算不算太高我是一只小小小小鸟想要飞呀飞却飞也飞不高我寻寻觅觅寻寻觅觅一个温暖的怀抱这样的要求算不算太高 我是一只小小小小鸟想要飞呀飞却飞也飞不高我寻寻觅觅寻寻觅觅一个温暖的怀抱这样的要求算不算太高这样的要求算不算太高

Corona virus: 口罩都卖完了!

In this post, I surf on the wave of fear and add to the panic with virus-related key vocabulary and firsthand footage from Corona-survivors.

宋祖英 – 辣妹子 (1998)

Spicy girl (1998) 辣妹子从小辣不怕辣妹子长大不怕辣辣妹子嫁人怕不辣吊一串辣椒碰嘴巴 辣妹子从来辣不怕辣妹子生性不怕辣辣妹子出门怕不辣抓一把辣椒会说话 辣妹子辣 辣妹子辣辣妹子辣妹子辣辣辣辣妹子辣 辣妹子辣辣妹子辣哟辣辣辣 辣出的汗来汗也辣呀汗也辣辣出的泪来泪也辣呀泪也辣辣出的火来火也辣呀火也辣辣出的歌来歌也辣歌也辣 辣妹子说话泼辣辣辣妹子做事泼辣辣辣妹子待人热辣辣辣椒伴她走天下 辣妹子辣 辣妹子辣辣椒伴她走天下 辣出的汗来汗也辣呀汗也辣辣出的泪来泪也辣呀泪也辣辣出的火来火也辣呀火也辣辣出的歌来歌也辣歌也辣 辣妹子辣 辣妹子辣辣妹子辣妹子辣辣辣辣妹子辣 辣妹子辣辣妹子辣妹子辣辣辣 辣妹子辣…

大壮 – 我们不一样 (2017)

We are not the same (2017) 这么多年的兄弟有谁比我更了解你太多太多不容易磨平了岁月和脾气时间转眼就过去这身后不散的筵席只因为我们还在心留在原地 张开手 需要多大的勇气这片天 你我一起撑起更努力 只为了我们想要的明天好好的 这份情好好珍惜 我们不一样每个人都有不同的境遇我们在这里在这里等你 我们不一样虽然会经历不同的事情我们都希望来生还能相遇 这么多年的兄弟有谁比我更了解你太多太多不容易磨平了岁月和脾气时间转眼就过去这身后不散的筵席只因为我们还在心留在原地 张开手 需要多大的勇气这片天…

费翔 – 故乡的云 (1987)

Clouds of home (1987) 天边飘过故乡的云,它不停地向我召唤当身边的微风轻轻吹起,有个声音在对我呼唤 归来吧 归来哟,浪迹天涯的游子归来吧 归来哟,别再四处飘泊 踏著沉重的脚步,归乡路是那么的漫长当身边的微风轻轻吹起,吹来故乡泥土的芬芳 归来吧 归来哟,浪迹天涯的游子归来吧 归来哟,我已厌倦飘泊 我已是满怀疲惫,眼里是酸楚的泪那故乡的风和故乡的云,为我抹去创痕我曾经豪情万丈,归来却空空的行囊那故乡的风和故乡的云,为我抚平创伤

王菲 – 紅豆 (1998)

Faye Wong – 紅豆 (1998) 还没好好的感受 雪花绽放的气候 我们一起颤抖 会更明白 甚么是温柔 还没跟你牵着手 走过荒芜的沙丘 可能从此以后 学会珍惜 天长和地久 有时候 有时候我会相信一切有尽头相聚离开 都有时候没有甚么会永垂不朽可是我 有时候宁愿选择留恋不放手等到风景都看透也许你会陪我 看细水长流 还没为你把红豆 熬成缠绵的伤口 然后一起分享 会更明白 相思的哀愁 还没好好的感受 醒著亲吻的温柔 可能在我左右 你才追求 孤独的自由 有时候 有时候我会相信一切有尽头相聚离开 都有时候没有甚么会永垂不朽可是我 有时候宁愿选择留恋不放手等到风景都看透也许你会陪我 看细水长流 有时候 有时候我会相信一切有尽头相聚离开 都有时候没有甚么会永垂不朽可是我 有时候宁愿选择留恋不放手等到风景都看透也许你会陪我 看细水长流

屠洪刚 – 中国功夫 (1997)

Tu Honggang – Chinese Kongfu (1997) 卧似一张弓站似一棵松不动不摇坐如钟走路一阵风 南拳和北腿少林武当功太极八卦连环掌中华有神功 卧似一张弓站似一棵松不动不摇坐如钟走路一阵风 南拳和北腿中国功夫少林武当功 太极八卦连环掌 中华有神功 棍扫一大片枪挑一条线身轻好似云中燕我们豪气冲云天 外练筋骨皮内练一口气刚柔并济不低头我们心中有天地 卧似一张弓站似一棵松不动不摇坐如钟走路一阵风 南拳和北腿少林武当功太极八卦连环掌中华有神功 清风剑在手双刀就看走行家功夫一出手他就知道有没有…

蒋大为 – 敢问路在何方 (1986)

Dare to ask which road to take (1986) 你挑着担,我牵着马;迎来日出送走晚霞踏平坎坷成大道,斗罢艰险又出发,又出发 啦啦——啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦, 一番番春秋冬夏,一场场酸甜苦辣;敢问路在何方?路在脚下 你挑着担,我牵着马;翻山涉水两肩霜花风云雷电任叱咤,一路豪歌向天涯,向天涯 啦啦——啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦, 一番番春秋冬夏,一场场酸甜苦辣;敢问路在何方?路在脚下敢问路在何方?路在脚下

张国荣 – 倩女幽魂 (1987)

A Chinese ghost story (theme song) 人生路美梦似路长路里风霜风霜扑面干红尘里美梦有几多方向找痴痴梦幻中心爱路随人茫茫人生是美梦与热望梦里依稀依稀有泪光何从何去去觅我心中方向风仿佛在梦中轻叹路和人茫茫人间路快乐少年郎路里崎岖崎岖不见阳光泥尘里快乐有几多方向一丝丝梦幻般风雨路随人茫茫丝丝梦幻般风雨路随人茫茫

李娜 – 青藏高原 (1994)

Li Na – Tibetan Plateau (1994) 是谁带来远古的呼唤是谁留下千年的祈盼难道说还有无言的歌还是那久久不能忘怀的眷恋 我看见一座座山一座座山川一座座山川相连呀啦索那可是青藏高原? 是谁日夜遥望着蓝天是谁渴望永久的梦幻难道说还有赞美的歌还是那仿佛不能改变的庄严 一座座山川相连呀啦索那就是青藏高原呀啦索那就是青藏高原

王菲 – 你快乐 所以我快乐 (1997)

Faye Wong – I’m happy if you’re happy (1997) 你眉头开了所以我笑了你眼睛红了我的天灰了 天晓得既然说你快乐于是我快乐玫瑰都开了我还想怎么呢 求之不得求不得天造地设一样的难得喜怒和哀乐有我来重蹈你覆辙 啦~~~ 你头发湿了所以我热了你觉得累了所以我睡了 天晓得既然说你快乐于是我快乐玫瑰都开了我还想怎么呢 求之不得求不得天造地设一样的难得喜怒和哀乐有我来重蹈你覆辙 La…