Chinese vocabulary notes (August 2022)

In this month’s edition: Chinese idols, what Chinese think about the Taiwanese question, parenting made in China and last but not least, Afu got COVID and how it impacts the Chinese-speaking YouTube community…

A Chinese idol gave up his job under the pressure of public opinion

I noticed many Chinese people have strong opinions about Chinese stars and actors – a world I don’t know anything about! This podcast is a first step to change that.

组合zǔhégroup / band
少年的组合shàonián de zǔhéboy group
小鲜肉xiǎo xiān ròuslang for young, attractive male actors / artists (“small fresh meat”)
实力派shílì pàigroup of artists with “real talent”
偶像派ǒuxiàng pàigroup of artists that are mainly good-looking (my understanding)

What The Chinese Think Of Taiwan | Street Interview

More interesting content from Asian Boss: after asking Taiwanese people about their relationship with Mainland China (Chinese vocabulary notes #4), Asian Boss turned to the “Mainlanders” to ask their opinion about the Taiwanese question.

国内的新闻guónèi de xīnwéndomestic news
回归统一huíguī tǒngyīreturn & unify
言论自由yánlùn zìyóufreedom of speech
“台湾是我们的一部分”Táiwān shì wǒmen de yībùfènTaiwan is part of us

Are Chinese Parents CONTROL FREAKS?

“Parenting – made in China”. How do Chinese parents raise their children? Do they want to control every aspect of their kids’ lives? Kirk tells Eileen about his experience growing up with very strict, Chinese parents and the effects this particular parenting style had on his personal development. Interesting stuff. English, Chinese and pinyin included.
控制狂kòngzhì kuángcontrol freak
我是一个八十后wǒ shì yīgè bāshí hòuI was born in the 80’s
五十后的父母wǔshí hòu de fùmǔparents born in the 50’s
父母对子女的控制fùmǔ duì zǐnǚ de kòngzhìparental control over children
听我的命令tīng wǒ de mìnglìngfollow my orders
反叛父母fǎnpàn fùmǔto rebel against parents
儒教的国家rújiào de guójiāConfucian country
儒家思想rújiā sīxiǎngConfucian thought
服从fúcóngto obey
干涉gānshèto interfere
科幻小说kēhuàn xiǎoshuōscience fiction novels
高考gāokǎocollege entrance exam in China
拜托父母的控制bàituō fùmǔ de kòngzhìto escape parental control
叛逆的小孩pànnì de xiǎoháirebellious child
虐待nüèdàito mistreat, abuse

Afu: “我 们 确 诊 新 冠 了”

The video everybody has been waiting for: Afu and his wife finally got COVID. And don’t worry: they captured everything on camera! In terms of vocabulary it’s pretty much a repetition of previous videos we covered on the subject.

走路都走不动zǒulù dōu zǒu bù dòngcan’t even walk
得新冠dé xīnguāngot COVID
我站都站不稳wǒ zhàn dōu zhàn bù wěnI can’t even stand straight / on my feet
阳了yánglepositive (test)
免疫力miǎnyì lìimmunity
做核酸zuò hésuāntake a PCR test


And where’s Afu, there’s 老雷. He couldn’t help but comment on the fact that his German countryman Afu finally was infected. He notices some “ungerman” behavior from Afu which also caught my attention as I happen to live in Germany and know how most people here handle a coronavirus-infection in 2022. Not by running around, visiting the local pharmacy to get a PCR-test and asking the local health authority to lock them in, that’s for sure. That was 2020-2021.

得了新冠déle xīnguāngot COVID
自作多情zìzuò duōqíngself-indulgent
吐槽tǔcáoto ridicule
去药房qù yàofánggo to the pharmacy
做核酸zuò hésuāntake a PCR-test
快速测试kuàisù cèshìquick test
负责任的公民fù zérèn de gōngmínresponsible citizen
巴不得bābudéanxious (to do something)

That’s it for August. Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you back next month with more Chinese content!

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