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Ideology in Chinese textbooks

Chinese learning materials have improved a lot over the last 50 years, however more often than not…

Learning Chinese? 11 BLOGS you should know about

Chinese learning blogs are like hidden provision camps in the desert. If they are not pointed out, you are likely to miss them.

Corona virus: 口罩都卖完了!

In this post, I surf on the wave of fear and add to the panic with virus-related key vocabulary and firsthand footage from Corona-survivors.

All essential (and less essential) questions about the HSK exam in 2020

You’re about to register for a HSK exam or thinking about it? Here’s all the essential information about the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi in one short FAQ article.

Best tips to beat any level HSK test

These are my best tips for the HSK exam, based on my experience writing the HSK4 and HSK5 exams in China and Europe.

Kaohongshu’s top 5 posts of 2019

Time to look back one last time on a productive year of blogging and share the most read articles of 2019.

jamie bilbow cooking with granny

New show: Granny knows best 奶奶最懂得 (2019, TV series)

More about cooking! In his new show Jamie Bilbow explores rural China to learn from the true kitchen heroes – Chinese grandmothers. How did the British moderator become so fluent in Mandarin?! Three reasons why you should watch the show.

Should I read Chinese texts above my level?

How much of a struggle should reading really be? Check out these tips and start accelerating today.