Kaohongshu’s top 5 posts of 2019

2020 is approaching rapidly. Time to look back one last time on a fun and productive year of blogging and share my top 5 of most read articles of 2019. Enjoy and let’s meet again in 2020.


China is on the rise. At the same time, frightful news about China’s dystopian authoritarianism is everywhere. Is China’s restored self-confidence and CCP led nationalism demotivating people to learn Chinese?


Can you learn to fly a Boeing 747 in six months? Some say you can! How about languages though?


Can you use the Chinese version of TikTok as a tool for learning Mandarin? You cannot. Here’s why.


You want to improve your reading of Chinese texts? DuShu is a reader app that will take any Chinese text and turn it into a learning resource. Check out what DuShu can do for you.


What would you do differently if I’d have to re-climb Hanyu mountain all the way from base camp number one? Based on my own experience and what I know from others, here’s my list.

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